The Centre for Parallel Computing

The CPC is a research centre based at Massey University Albany Campus that investigates Parallel Computing and its applications in scientific research. Parallel Computing aspects actively researched by the CPC include - multi-core and many-core processors, distributed machines, parallel and distributed algorithms, parallel programming languages.

The CPC works in close collaboration with the Complex Systems and Simulations Group (CSSG), a research group also based at Massey University. Many of the research projects that members of the CPC are involved in are joint projects that have emerged from this collaboration. The majority of the research machines used in these projects are owned by CSSG.

What is Parallel Computing?

Parallel Computing is a type of computing where multiple instructions are executed simultaneously by different cores, processors or machines. This type of computation requires that the problem be divided into multiple smaller tasks that can be solved concurrently. The results of these smaller must then be combined to produce the solution to the original problem.